FAM-P-6NPACC Ψηφιακή μπουτονιέρα ήχου bus 2 καλωδίων με μπρελόκ εγγύτητας εισόδου και 6 μπουτόν

FAM-P-6NPACC Ψηφιακή μπουτονιέρα ήχου bus 2 καλωδίων με μπρελόκ εγγύτητας εισόδου και 6 μπουτόν

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H μπουτονιέρα είναι εξοπλισμένη με συσκευή ανάγνωσης κλειδιών εισόδου, 6 κουμπιά με οπίσθιο φωτισμό και πεδία περιγραφής.

Η σειρά FAMILIO είναι σχεδιασμένη για μονοκατοικίες αλλά και για κτίρια με λίγα διαμερίσματα.
Ο συνδυασμός σύγχρονης τεχνολογίας με βουρτσισμένο ανοξείδωτο χάλυβα δημιουργεί διαχρονικές λύσεις για μεμονωμένους πελάτες που εκτιμούν το σχεδιασμό και τη λειτουργικότητα.


Description Digital door entry panel with key fob reader and 6 buttons
Material Flat front panel, 2mm thick, buttons made of brushed stainless steel
Modules 6NP – 6 individually backlit calling buttons
ACC – Unique 125 kHz proximity key fob reader integrated in the lower descriptive field
Max. number of subscribers 6
Dimensions (mm) Flush mounted panel 197×90
Flush mounted mounting box 179x73x32
Mounting Flush mounted;
optionally available:
– PNT2-FAM-P surface-mounted converter
– additional kit for easy flush-mounting in a post/drywall (MONT-PPT-FAM)
Installation type Digital: 2 wires (min 2 x 0.5 mm)
Line length Max. 300m (up to 1000m with a larger cable cross sections)
Installation type Digital: 2 wires (min 2 x 0.5 mm)
Power supply 11,5V AC lub 15V DC / 160mA (without electric door strike)
Stand-by power consumption
~ 1,3W
Outputs 2 x “ELOCK” screw connections:
– connection of traditional (max. 1A) or reversible (max. 0.5A) electric door strike or CDN-PK relay module (max. 5A, e.g. electromagnetic jumper)
2 x screw connections
– audio signal connection: „LINE+” and “LINE-“
Inputs 2 x screw connections:
– power connection: “+DC” and “-DC/GND” (DC voltage / power supply) or “AC” and “AC” (alternating voltage / transformer)
1 x “INPUT” screw connector:
– NO button connection – activated after a contact to the system GND. E.g. external open button
1 x screw connection:
– Connecting the audio signal from the previous control panel (Master Line): “ML+”
1 x “EXTMOD” socket for connecting optional modules
Features for disabled
– acoustic and optical signal of working panel
– automatic and remote (using a button) door opening without connection.
Additional acoustic or light incoming call signal (CDN-U)
– resistant to vandalism and weather conditions (from -20 to 50ºC)
– support of up to 192 proximity keys (programming from the computer)
– Programming all settings from the computer (optional CDN-USB programming cable required)
– free software available at www.support.aco.com.pl
– support for multiple expansion modules to increase system functionality
– individually illuminated call buttons
– easily replaceable backlit description field
– support for multi-part master/slave systems
– control of external devices, e.g. second gate, barrier, lighting, roller blinds or other home automation, carried out by means of a code lock, pendant or receiver
(optional I/O mini module required).
– possibility of connecting multiple receivers under the same number (for active receivers)
– Wide range of possibilities of individual configuration of settings for each unit
– individual settings of sound parameters
– intuitive and comfortable operation and configuration
– corridor opening function
– possibility of connecting different types of electric strikes
– operation of external opening button
– compatible with all digital group devices: CDNP, Inspiro and Familio P/PV
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Download file


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